Think Long's Bad Rap on California

There’s been a lot of commentary on the Think Long “blueprint” for California, not much of it glowing. Peter Schrag and David Kersten have published extensive reviews. Joel Fox and Jeff Schauer have focussed, as I did, on its proposal for an unelected executive council.

There’s one thing, though, that no one has mentioned. The indictment embedded in the group’s name and made explicit in its “blueprint”—that California has failed to “think long”—is a bad rap.

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The Lords of Think Long

The Think Long Committee, the group put together by the homeless billionaire Nicolas Berggruen, has finally delivered in its reform “blueprint” for California. Whatever else you think about the proposal, give Think Long some credit for whimsy. At this point in the 21st century, in the nation that gave birth to the modern republican form of government, nobody expects the House of Lords.

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